Increase employee engagement.
Reduce costly staff turnover.

With nurses and other healthcare workers moving on from their jobs at unprecedented rates, hospitals and healthcare systems must embrace innovative ways to increase retention and engagement—both for new hires, and for experienced staff.

Unitek Learning’s School-in-a-Box program helps your organization better support employees, and avoid the cascade of issues and expenses that come along with high turnover.

What's causing nurses to feel unsatisfied at work?

Long hours and overwhelming workloads

Unsatisfying relationships with colleagues

Lack of quality time with each patient

Not feeling rewarded or recognized at work

Limited opportunities for career advancement

On-site healthcare training benefits both new hires and seasoned staff.

From more effective mentorships to more plentiful advancement opportunities, there are many ways in-house education directly benefits your employees and your organization. 


Nurse Residency Programs

Healthcare systems with established nurse residency programs tend to have greater retention rates among new hires, who crave connection and mentorship from more experienced peers. When new nurses feel supported at work, they’re less likely to become discontented and seek other opportunities, leading to costly employee turnover.


Strengthen Workplace Connections

With experienced nurses actively involved in training and onboarding your new hires, your organization will build deeper connections between colleagues. Not only does this create a more welcoming and supportive environment, it reinvigorates your long-term employees by giving them the chance to share their skills and knowledge.

Maintain Higher Standards of Care

When new nurses can complete clinical rotations in the same place they’ve received the rest of their training, they’re practice-ready from their first day on the job. Built-in knowledge of your policies, procedures, and company culture means they can stay focused on providing
top-quality patient care.

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Give current and future employees more reasons to stay engaged.

Hire people who live where they work.

When you hire healthcare talent from far-off destinations, you’re taking a risk that they may not fit in with the community, or that they’re treating their role as a springboard to bigger job markets. Training staff from nearby locations means you’re hiring people who already love where they live, and allows you to keep payroll expenses in line with the local economy.

Ensure a steady supply of well-trained employees.

Keeping your facility adequately staffed should be a top priority to avoid the burnout and challenging work conditions that have led to such high turnover. When people aren’t struggling to tread water, they’re more satisfied with their jobs, and patients receive better, more attentive care.

Create growth opportunities for your current staff.

One of the best ways to improve retention is to make sure your employees have plentiful chances to advance their own careers. When people are able to complete additional training and education within your facility, they won’t feel as compelled to seek those opportunities elsewhere.

Available career advancement pathways

  •  LVN/LPN to RN
  •  RN to BSN-RN
  •  BSN-RN to MSN-NP

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