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At the Unitek Learning family of schools, we celebrate the power of education, and aim to empower everyone who has a desire to build their knowledge and skills. Many of us have witnessed firsthand how education can change the lives of students and their families, and directly benefit their communities as well as the world at large.

Through our programs and campuses, we have the honor of educating a vast number of first-generation college students, many of whom come from disadvantaged groups that traditionally have access to fewer educational opportunities. Many of these students may have grown up believing higher education wasn’t attainable for them, which makes their educational journey all the more important. Research shows children and family members of first-generation graduates are much more likely to seek out college for themselves. It’s amazing how seeing somebody you relate to succeed can create a ripple effect throughout entire communities.

Higher education is going through a transitional period like never before. Many have begun to question the value of higher education, and there’s been a shift in thinking away from the idea that college is even required to be successful. Students are demanding career outcomes commensurate with the investment they’re making in their education. It’s why a major focus of our programs is on providing positive career outcomes for our students.


Similarly, employers want educational institutions to prepare students for careers in the real world. Employers are starting to participate in the educational process, and offering valuable input on curricula and training methods. There’s been an explosion of employers partnering directly with schools to bring workforce solutions to their organizations, and ensure recent graduates are well-trained and well-prepared.

Academic technologies are also undergoing a revolution, with data analytics making major strides in maximizing student engagement and retention. When many people see the word “data” and assume it’s destined to be impersonal, it’s proven to be quite the opposite. Data analytics allow us to see what’s working and what’s not, and identify ways we can improve the educational experience for students.


Janis Paulson
CEO, Unitek Learning

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April 20, 2022


With the federal government planning to end COVID-19 emergency declarations within the next few months, healthcare professionals are turning their attention to how we’ll move forward in the aftermath of a pandemic that devastated patients and providers alike.

As many as 95% of nurses have reported feeling burned out within the last three years, as hospitals and healthcare facilities are still experiencing severe staffing shortages. And while recent economic conditions have been challenging for many people, the United States is still at 20-year lows for unemployment.

People want to work, and they’re finding work. However, as things currently stand, not enough people are planning to work in healthcare! Recent projections from the Department of Labor estimate the U.S. will need another 275,000 nurses every year until 2030 just to keep up with demand.

To meet those projections and still maintain high standards of patient care, we must rethink the educational status quo. By making healthcare education more accessible—especially for first-generation college students and other underprivileged groups—we can address staffing issues within healthcare facilities, and create opportunities for communities to thrive.

Unitek Learning is proud to partner with forward-thinking healthcare organizations who are embracing innovative educational models. From our School-in-a-Box service that brings accredited healthcare training directly on-site, to upskilling current employees at one of our 17 convenient campuses, we’re excited to be part of healthcare’s evolving future.

We’re working to create a world where everyone with the talent and desire to heal others has the chance to accomplish their goals. We hope you’ll join us.



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