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Streamlined setup for
onsite training programs.

We make it simple for our partners to plan and implement training programs—and fill them with eager, qualified students who become dedicated employees.

Celebrating Diversity

Our blended learning model enables working professionals to continue their education on their own schedule.

Culturally Competent Education

We hire educators with excellent clinical experience, and keep class sizes small so every student receives 1-on-1 attention.

Professional Development

Every student is paired with a dedicated SSA who specializes in their degree program, and who proactively monitors their progress.

Community Involvement

We utilize analytics to automatically trigger student outreach enabling early interventions for anyone who needs extra help.

Hiring Equity

Every student has access to academic success resources, from math or writing help to healthcare-specific tutoring.

Multicultural Leadership

Our leadership teams include individuals from a multitude of cultural backgrounds, and with a variety of perspectives that help us better serve our students and partners.

White-Glove Marketing Services

Full-service solutions, customized to your needs.

After adding healthcare training programs to your facility, you need to get the word out to your current employees and the surrounding community. To build a strong brand presence and generate a steady supply of potential students, we partner with industry experts to provide white-glove marketing services, including:

  • Paid digital media campaigns to build your brand and drive web traffic.
  • A landing page or microsite to provide program details and convert leads
  • Flyers, posters, and brochures to be displayed at your facility
  • Large-scale branding like elevator wraps or window clings
  • Social media assets to share through your channels

Let’s solve your staffing shortage together.

Turnkey setup and implementation

Industry-leading training technologies

Ongoing service and support

Our team brings over 25 years of marketing know-how to assist our healthcare partners in identifying and recruiting promising healthcare practitioners. Partnering with Unitek Learning allows you to focus on providing excellent care to your community.

David Higley, CMO

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