Elevate your community
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Bringing education and training programs to your hospital or healthcare system does more than move you towards being fully staffed and retaining top talent. It’s also a great way to break down economic and educational barriers within the communities you serve.

How does on-site healthcare training benefit communities?


Reduces gaps in healthcare access

Creates new opportunities for non-healthcare staff


Deepens relationships within your community

Training and hiring locally makes healthcare more accessible.

Rural areas have fewer healthcare workers per capita, which means healthcare organizations outside of major metropolitan areas are affected even more significantly by the shortage of skilled health professionals.

By bringing on-site training and education directly to healthcare systems and hospitals of all sizes, Unitek Learning’s School-in-a-Box program is addressing the nursing shortage while making it easier for people to access the competent, compassionate care they need.

65.3 / 98.6*


Disparity in nurses per 10,000 residents

6.5 / 8.1*


Disparity in nurse practitioners per 10,000 residents


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Open up healthcare careers to more people.


Careers in healthcare aren’t just for a privileged few. They’re for anyone with a passion for healing who’s willing to apply themselves. Your next rockstar RN could be somebody currently working in maintenance or food service, or somewhere else within the local community.

When people can access educational and career opportunities without moving across the country and taking on significant debt, it’s amazing what they’re able to accomplish. School-in-a-Box not only benefits your organization and the individuals you train and hire, it creates real economic opportunity that can drive lasting change.

"As educators, we must continue to find new ways to expand educational opportunities. By partnering with healthcare organizations to bring education programs directly to their locations and people, we can create opportunities for current staff and the surrounding community, and open new doors that can transform lives for the better."
Janis Paulson, CEO, Unitek learning
Janis Paulson,

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