“If we hope to address the critical shortage of healthcare workers affecting patients and providers all over the world, we must find innovative new ways to train people who have the talent and desire to make a difference.”

Janis Paulson CEO



Workforce Solutions

Train new employees on-site, upskill your current workforce, or hire caring, practice-ready professionals from our family of schools.


Offer healthcare training programs approved by a national accreditor on-site at your facility, complete with full-service support for implementation, enrollment, marketing, and more.

Workforce Partnerships

Our flexible online programs and 18 campus locations make it easy for any organization to upskill current employees, and create opportunities for non-healthcare staff.

Hire a Grad

Need to staff up sooner than later? We’ll match you with skilled graduates based on your requirements, and even help schedule interviews to find the right fit.

Whom We Serve


Understaffing and turnover can be costly for your facility, your employees—and most of all, your patients. We help hospitals hire practice-ready professionals, and provide advancement opportunities that engage and retain current staff.

Healthcare Networks

Staffing is even more of a challenge when you’re managing a wide variety of facilities. We help our partners establish and maintain a steady flow of qualified applicants to meet their organization’s unique needs.

Small Communities

Smaller communities often have fewer healthcare providers per capita. We help close gaps in access to healthcare by increasing access to education. This also elevates communities with new economic opportunities.


We’re passionate about healthcare education, and how it can transform lives for individuals and families alike. We help our students build in demand skill sets, and successfully navigate the transition from college to career.

University campus

Our Schools & Training Center Locations

With 18 campuses across six states—plus online programs and on-site training—we make it easy to integrate healthcare education into your hiring and employee-retention strategies.

Accreditations and Approvals

All our programs are approved by relevant licensing and/or accrediting organizations (as recognized by the US Department of Education). Additionally, some programs hold specialized programmatic accreditation.

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Karilyn Van Oosten, MA,

“The nursing crisis continues to become direr, negatively impacting healthcare. By 2025 the healthcare industry will be short between 200,000 and 450,000 nurses. At Unitek Learning we are aware of this shortage, and we grant partner organizations access to a full range of healthcare workers that other colleges can’t match. By partnering with Unitek you will also have access to a portfolio of academic programs to train, upskill, and even reskill your existing team.”

Karilyn Van Oosten, MA, Vice President of Strategic Business Development


With a focus on developing applicable skills and sound clinical judgment, we equip our students and graduates with the tools to make a difference for their patients, peers, and employers.


Learning Design

Combined with industry-leading training technologies, our experienced instructors stay relevant in learning science and clinical knowledge to effectively prepare students for real-world scenarios.


Student-Centered Education

Our flexible programs empower our students to achieve their education goals. We blend personal, caring relationships with data-driven insights to support them and keep them engaged throughout their journey.


Education Outcomes

We train skilled healthcare professionals ready to make an immediate impact in the workforce. Learn about the difference we’re making for our students, our partners, and the communities we serve.

Partner Stories

Banner Health

Banner Health is creating career advancement opportunities by upskilling current employees into critical allied health roles.

Partner Stories

Futuro Health

Our hybrid learning model helped Futuro Health train a diverse student polpulation to become in-demand Medical Assistants.

“Our partnership with Unitek Learning is 21st century learning at its best. A coalition of business, education, and Unitek’s leaders have aligned our mission to move forward in an entirely new ecosystem where curriculum meets creativity in hopes of getting trained people of all backgrounds into the workforce. “

Jin Kim, Senior Manager Education Providers

Clinical Partnerships


Healthcare Education Experience

30+ Years

Avg. Student:Instructor Ratio


Programs Offered


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Partner with the leaders in healthcare education.

Get in touch with our Workforce Development team, and learn how to make your staffing shortage a thing of the past.

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