Teaming up to solve healthcare workforce shortages and reduce people turnover – that’s what you can expect when you partner with Unitek Learning. We provide leading healthcare educators to engage your organization with long-term workforce solutions.

Unitek Learning Builds Healthcare Workforces That Last.

Unitek Learning grants you access to a full range of healthcare workers that other colleges can’t match. Tap into our consistent pipeline of medical assistants, licensed vocational nurses, Bachelor’s prepared–even MSN trained nurses. Then leverage our broad portfolio of academic programs to train, upskill, and even reskill your existing team.

Our highly innovative programs designed to tackle and solve your difficult workforce development issues include:

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Unitek Learning brings nurse training back to healthcare facilities. We leverage your expertise in hospital operations–and our core competency of educating culturally competent, caring nurses–to provide specialized educational opportunities.

We supply CCNE-accredited nursing education to a micro-educational center at your facility, and we make it a priority to select local community members to participate in the program.

When you’re ready to deepen your community roots, let’s discuss how to get it done.

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Practice-Ready Nurse Program

We hear from our partners that some of the most pressing pain points in Workforce Solutions are related to new nurse training and the high rate of turnover.

But what if onboarding could be shortened and turnover reduced? Our Practice-Ready Nurse Program accomplishes precisely that. By shifting onboarding to a pre-hire timeline and instilling your unique culture sooner, your organization can be more efficient and effective. The program also helps to reduce nurse burnout and turnover by helping new nurses understand your organizational priorities well before they are hired.

When you’re ready to reduce training expenses and build a stable nursing staff, we can help you achieve this goal.

Your Mission Is Our Mission.

At Unitek Learning, we believe in healthier communities. Our healthcare partners succeed best when a highly-prepared workforce receives consistent opportunities for continuing education. We contribute to reinforcing their success by:

  • Providing evidence-based learning for nursing education that demonstrates student progression.
  • Regularly updating and revising curriculum based on input from clinicians, practitioners and healthcare employers.
  • Teaching cultural competency, critical thinking skills, and caring science theory in healthcare as part of our curriculum.

We believe that this philosophy, infused in all of our partner programs, can change the fabric of the communities we serve while helping you to achieve a thriving healthcare workforce.

As a Unitek Learning partner, we’ll use this approach to solve your workforce shortages with employees who are ready to improve patient outcomes.

To learn how partnering with Unitek Learning can help your workforce thrive, contact us now:

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