We salute all the dedicated healthcare workers.

And the students who aspire to Join them.

In honor of National Nurses week, I’d like to thank nurses nationwide who are sacrificing every day in their dedication to their profession.  At Unitek, we are educating the next generation of nurses, who view current nurses as their ultimate role models.

These amazing professionals have always been on the front line of healthcare and we owe an incredible debt to these brave women and men who risk their health and their lives to save our own.

In the midst of this pandemic, The Year of the Nurse has never meant more to a society than at this time.  Thank you all for what you do every day, every minute and every second.

Best regards,

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Janis Paulson


Unitek Learning

A Message from Dr. Abdel Yosef, Phd, RN, CNE — Chief Academic Officer

A Note of Caring from Dr. Jean Watson to the Unitek Learning Community

Supporting Our Community Through the Pandemic

PPE Donation

Every Campus donated 30%-40% of our PPE to our clinical partners at the highest risk sites or at their command centers. All locations in the Bay Area, Bakersfield, Sacramento, Reno, and Utah.

Scrub and Mask Donation

Many nurses are doubling up on the PPE disposable gowns and their own scrubs are being used and need daily sanitation on high heat which ruins the scrubs’ fibers. We donated sample scrubs for our partners to wear under the PPE to ease the burden on their own scrubs.

Many of our staff members also sewed masks and mailed them to our sites in need.

Our Graduates are Healthcare Heroes

While most of us are quarantined in the safety of our homes during this current pandemic, healthcare professionals around the world are working around the clock to flatten the curve and save lives.

Unitek Learning is so proud of all our brave graduates who are currently serving on the front lines of the pandemic. To honor them, we will share some of their stories and perspectives of the current outbreak.

Many of them also had advice to share with their peers in the field, as well as the future generations of medical professionals. They spared what little free time they have during this emergency to share these stories and, for that, we are eternally grateful.

Luciano V. Male Nurse in Scrubs Giving Thumbs Up

ICU Registered Nurse

Graduate of Unitek College, 2016

As an ICU Registered Nurse (RN) in San Leandro, California, Luciano has been on the frontlines of the pandemic.

Assessment and implementation of care are the most important responsibilities of an ICU RN. From the start of each shift, Luciano thinks of patient assessment as an ongoing activity that requires critical thinking to ensure the well-being of his patients.

Biggest Challenge During COVID-19?

One of Luciano’s biggest hurdles is the shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE). Other challenges include the restricted family visitations for patients as well as the increased stress and tension among the staff.

As Luciano told us: “The heightened focus on infection control and the lack of proper PPEs makes the daily routine at work extremely exhausting and, at times, unsafe.”

Luciano’s Advice to Other Nurses

“Leave your insecurities behind and be confident in all the knowledge you have access to. Being unable to cope with this crisis should make you reflect on the very reason why you wanted to become a nurse.”

Taylor J.Nurse in Glasses, Scrubs and a Mask

PTA Neuro ICU/Surgery

Graduate of Provo College, 2018

Taylor is a physical therapy assistant working in Murray, Utah within the ICU and surgical departments. Her responsibilities in the acute care setting focus mainly on helping patients who are critically and acutely ill and require increased assistance to perform basic mobility tasks. In other words, Taylor’s job each day is to try and help her patients get on their feet, get moving, and get home safely.

What Inspires Taylor?

“Every day when I wake up, I try and find one positive event that will happen that day. I try and do this again throughout the day to prevent anxiety from gaining control. It’s easy to succumb to fear but my patients, family, and friends need to see that those of us in the middle of this can still be there as support. It doesn’t mean some days aren’t hard but trying to find the good in each person and in each moment has been key to enduring this challenging time.”

Jessica K.Woman with Stethoscope around her neck

Registered Nurse at a Respiratory Specialty Hospital

Graduate of Eagle Gate College, 2019

Jessica is a Registered Nurse, currently working at a Respiratory Specialty Hospital in Bountiful, Utah. Jessica’s daily responsibilities include providing trach and ventilator care, administering medications, and caring for patients with traumatic brain injuries or respiratory failure. Given the specialization of her hospital, COVID-19 has had a significant impact on her job and has forced her to work overtime to keep the hospital staffed appropriately. The love Jessica has for her career, the appreciation and support she receives from family and friends, and the health of her patients is what keeps her motivated during these stressful times.

Jessica’s advice to her peers?

“You are a hero! The work you do literally saves people’s lives. We are all in this together, and we will make it through this, and we will come out stronger and as better medical professionals.”

Words of inspiration for future healthcare practitioners

“The profession you have chosen is so important! The schooling and hard times you go through to earn your degree are worth it. There will be many times that you will leave work with a smile on your face knowing you made a difference in someone’s life. You will have endless times that you will feel proud of yourself for what you do and how you help.”

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