The key to educational empowerment is quite literally Unitek Learning’s revolutionary learning model. Implemented on all of our campuses, in all of our programs, by all of our instructors, we combined unique elements and created a powerful approach to graduating career-ready healthcare workers. From medical assistants, to surgical technologists, to master’s prepared nurses—our students don’t just benefit from our learning approach, those they care for throughout their careers benefit too.

The People of Unitek Learning

Our faculty and staff are committed to improving access to healthcare by educating the next workforce and meeting the growing demands of today’s leading healthcare organizations.

We stand out because we offer high-quality programs from diploma level to graduate level education. We believe in access to education for all, regardless of where a student is on their educational journey.

We seek and attract faculty who share our passion and commitment to improving access to healthcare for all. We take educating the next generation of healthcare employees seriously, for they will soon be the ones responsible for delivering excellent patient outcomes.

Student Retention Analytics

Unitek Learning schools embrace cutting-edge techniques to successfully guide more students to graduate. Instead of simply settling for knowing what has happened, we take it a step further and get a best assessment of what will happen. Taking action today, leads to better outcomes tomorrow.

We partner with Nuro Retention to identify not only academic but non-cognitive risk indicators for a truly holistic view of our student population. Using predictive analytics, this data is used to identify students at risk of not graduating. By identifying which students will need help and when, we can provide strategies for success—before it’s too late.

Fewer than
of higher learning institutions in the U.S. use predictive analytics.

ATI Nursing Analytics

Unitek Learning doesn’t stop at embracing technology to see more students through to graduation. Our schools integrate additional predictive analytic strategies into our nursing curricula to ensure the success of our nursing students. ATI’s progressive data analytics and compelling content are proven to help nursing students master core curriculum. Each school’s NCLEX Success Specialists prepare graduates with ATI’s proven testing strategies, helping more of our nursing graduates pass the NCLEX exam. NCLEX success means more work-ready nurses to reduce the nursing workforce shortage.

Our learning model is designed to graduate more nurses, in larger cohorts than traditional schools.

Dr. Jean Watson and Caring Science

Unitek Learning is a National Watson Caring Science Academic Affiliate®—one of the first academic/clinical organizations awarded this prestigious designation. We are recognized for our exemplary integration of Caring Theory and our leaders’ commitment to offering informed Caring Science to our nursing students through curriculum.

This holistic approach to nursing applies Dr. Jean Watson’s Theory of Human Caring to ensure patients receive authentic patient-centered care. By teaching students to apply caring-healing practices to themselves, they gain a true understanding of the vulnerability of patients. Quality nursing education combined with genuine compassion training results in a truly unique experience.

First developed in the 70s, the Theory of Human Caring has successfully withstood the tests of time. Authenticity is truly timeless.

Through our revolutionary learning model, Unitek Learning is educational empowerment.

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